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>> because a new page of history gets written every day. because breaking news can't wait. information everywhere, in all situations. on every subject. understanding the world. imagining the world. "france 24" a different take on the news.
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>> israel is trying to build more than 1,000 new settlement homes on left-hand palestinians say it theirs this three days before peace negotiations are due to resume. mallons have cast their ballots in an historic election that is expected to mark the end of 18 months of political turmoil. the prime minister is on the current p.m. ken rudd is up against the current opposition leader. they came face to face in a televised debate. figuring on the economy. welcome to "france 24." let's go straight to our top story. israel has just announced the release of 26 palestinian prisoners within two days but they are planning to build more
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than 1,000 settlement homes in occupied east jerusalem and west bank there just before paes negotiations are due to resume. let's hear from a close ally of the phreufalestinian president according to her israel is not making any effort to smooth the relationships. >> what it puts in question is israel's commitment to peace. because it is a deliberate attempt at derailing the peace talks and undermining the whole impetus for peace in the region. so, it creates facts on the ground and acting not just as an occu occupier but a country that has forcibly annexed the west bank rather than negotiating a
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two-state solution. >> i spoke to the spokesperson for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and asked him whether this was a settlements for prisoners trade off. here is what he replied. >> we want to see the peace process move forward and we are ready for mutual confidence building measures to get this process under way. and the prisoner release is not an easy digs decision but we are prepared to do so as part of getting the process back on track and mutual confidence building measures. we want to see israelis and palestinians sit and talk and negotiate and find solutions and move forward toward peace. >> do you think that israel is going to continue building settlements? and what is going to happen to east jerusalem? >> well, first of all we are not building new settlements. we are only building in existing communities. that is very important to stress. there are no new settlements being builtment we are building
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in neighborhoods in jerusalem and in the large blocks where everyone understands and every peace plan that has been on the table the last 20 years these areas remain part of israel. and there is no problem, there is no real contradiction between building in these areas and the hope to see a two state for two people solution where you have an independent palestinian state living in peace with the jewish state. >> but the east jerusalem is recognized internationally as palestinian, isn't it? >> many countries would say that. but the same international community says the jewish neighborhoods of jerusalem remain part of asia s -- part o eutz so if they say that what is the problem in building there? >> fears of another blood bath are spreading in egypt. officials say egyptian forces could siege two giant sit-ins to
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disperse the thousands of protesters who have been demand being the return of mohamed morsi. we have this story. >> a fortress of for for morsi here in the square rallies continue. for weeks supporters have been camped out in front of this mosque. their mental is simple. they want him to be reinstated and despite threats from authorities to intervene they are determined to stay the course. >> the media say they will be deployed to end the sit-ins. even if they sent a million police officers it would make no difference. we are ready to die here. >> they should be in their barracks protecting our borders, not here, not fighting us and beating our children. taking away our rights.
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we went four times and it has been erased. >> unwavering loyalty to the man they believe is the only legitimate leader. an interim government was formed amid the chaos and administration rejected by the muslim brotherhood. since then egypt has been in turmo turmoil. the new leadership includes other actors in talks to sketch out egypt's political future. for now a new constitution is planned in the coming months and fresh elections for the beginning of next year. malian are eager to find out who their new president is. polling stations have closed and it is time to count the votes.
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results are expected in a few days but the former prime minister ibrahim boubacar keita is expected to come out victorious against his rival soumaila cisse. let's take a look back at tod today's vote. as our reporters finds out, many malian displaced by months of chaos have found it difficult to cast their ballots. we have this report. >> last night storms have passed and they head to the polls. >> voting cards, please. >> this is the first time i have voted and i'm glad i have done so because i have given my voice to a candidate. i like his policies. >> this public school is one of over 2,000 polling stations in the capital of mali. here turnout has been high and they feel the failures of the first voting have been addressed. >> the polling stations opened
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on time and we didn't have problems with the booths. the equipment worked well. everything went smoothly. >> they are from the largest city in northern mali. in 2012 they fled islamist groups and sought refuge. >> i left because of the people who rape women and children. that's why i left. they even attacked one of my daughters. >> she is a teacher who is voting for soumaila cisse the candidate from the north. she hopes he will bring order back to the region so that she can return home and life can return to normal. >> we want the president to do everything he can to bring an end to this crisis. so that the government can get back to work. and so that the refugees can go
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home. we are tired of it. >> despite the refugee status she's managed to register to vote. >> i voted for my candidate. unlike her sister who was not able to vote. some 500,000 malian are refugees in their own country or overseas. the first round of elections they were unable to exercise their right to vote. >> the vote took place beyond their voters. france is home to their locker roomest community outside of africa. many voters couldn't take part. let's find out why. >> it should be as simple as putting your ballot in the box but for many malian living abroad voting is nearly impossible. of the 200,000 in france less than 10% have been able to cast
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their vote in this presidential election. >> we didn't receive our voting cards so we couldn't vote. anyone could win this election and we couldn't say anything about that. then they will say all the malian who live in france support this person and it is not true. >> others are resigned to the shortcomings of the system and have come here to oversee that voting goes smoothly at the polling stations. >> i'm not voting. i have been one of the sacrifices on the organization. i'm not voting because i don't have a voting card but i'm here to lend a hand because an election is a cause of celebration. >> these franco-malian are making the most of the occasion creating a mobile internet platform to help others navigate the system. >> you take the card and go to the site they created which shows which polling place to go
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it and we tell them where they are going. >> this part is often called an area but they didn't receive deliveries of materials like the ballot boxes. that has been the case where they are waiting to vote with dwindling homes. >> al qaeda's branch said it is behind a series that rocked the country. the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the explosions of a dozen car bombs that killed more than 70 people at the end of ramadan. we have the story. >> coordinated attacks across baghdad hit at least nine of the capitol's districts. a car was parked here and the men tried to defuse it but they couldn't and it went up killing people.
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it wrecked the area. >> the bloodshed didn't stop there. detonations hit other urban centers around the country leaving many dead and wounded. most of the targets were in shiite areas. violence against them has seen an upswing with a growing sense of disaccountant from sunnis who feel they are being marginalized by the shiite led government. one lit a -- hit a mask in kirkuk. >> we don't have anyone to defend us, no one to support us and no one to stand with us. i challenge all the officials including the governors and others to come here and look at us, but no one will come. >> the bombings come just weeks after a mass prison breakout by hundreds of inmates including senior al qaeda militants. it could mean further assaults. u.n. figures put the death toll throughout ramadan at more than
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1,000. the minister maliky has vowed to stand clastrong. but it left iraq on the edge of civil war in 2006. >> the ground shook in tibet as a magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck at the depth of 50 kilometers. the epicenter was near a south beach province of china. for now no one has been reported dead or injured fortunately. a 13-hour curfew has been imposed in one of colombo's neighborhoods and security tightened after a mosque was allegedly vandalized by a buddhist mob. four were wounded in saturday's attack sparking further religious tensions throughout the country where 70% of the population is interviewbuddhist 10% muslim. in afghanistanor representation rain and hailstorms have killed
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more than 20 people in the kabul province. among the victims several children swept away with cars submerged by flooding. a dozen homes were badly damaged. authorities are trying to look for survivors buried under the mud and rubble. this is an unusually bad weather in afghanistan for this midsummer season. the french and spanish tourists were killed in a bus crash in southern france. dozens of others were injured. the coach reportedly hit a security barrier and tumbled over a highway. the cause of the accident is unknown but an investigation is under way. finally, in australia the election campaign has started. the current liberal prime minister kevin rudd hopes to keep his post but faces a fierce arrival tony abbott. both have taken part in the first tell vased debate before d-day on the 7th of september and the two mainly focused on
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immigration and said their number one priority was the economy. take a listen. >> we must prepare nor great economic transition. two, an economy where we don't have the ability to put all our eggs in one basket away must diversify the economy and you ask where the new jobs would come from. through boosting productivity and taking advantage of the australian dollar. >> we will abolish the car been and mining tax and restore the australian building and construction commission and give a one stop shop for major environmental approvals. we also want to see a five pillar economy that is not so dependent on mining as we have been in the last few years. >> that wraps up this edition. stay tuned for more.
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>> welcome to the sunday night sports round group on "france 24." over the next few minutes we will bring you the best of the action from the wind including the 100 meters final at the world athletics championship and all the scores from day one of france's liga and a couple of stellar debuts in the bundesliga. where start with the 100-meter final in moscow and who else but usain bolt who reclaimed his title sunday after that devastating qualification for a false start two years ago. the rain didn't stop him. before he got his race under way neither did the different starters as he powered past the american runner justin gatlin. it was not a particularly good day for the french. trailing behind bolt and the french european champion
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finished in seventh but more seriously pulling up with an injury problem at the end of the race. his chances of competing in the 200 meters and 4-by-100-meter relay in serious danger. bolt will be the favored. he said he was thinking of the false start in 2011 going into the race. >> it has been on my mind but i hoped everything would come together. i'm happy. we have the 4-by-1 and next year we'll worry about that. >> my strategy was to attack the last 30 meters. i got long. i didn't do that. i hope to have more races this year and head to head with him and i will be able to beat him again. >> not sure if bolt was talking
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about that. there was a french medal of note in the women's discus. she won her first major medal 15 years after coming second in the world juniors. the 34-year-old claimed silver with a national record 66.28. half a meter beyond her previous best. the hot favorite took the gold in 67.99. >> it is hard it find the words because i really worked hard for a long time for this. i said i wanted to get a medal and a lot of people laughed and didn't believe i can do it. >> one other very strong medal hope for the french will be in action. this is the world number one pole vaulter. he's taken seven major titles including olympic gold in london. now aiming for the one title missing from his c.v. >> regarding the good vibes i have had up to now i'm able to
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jump about 5.9 meters or 5.95. or 6. after here for the gold medal. if i have to jump 6 or 6.5 i will be ready for that. >> it will be a family affair. he is joined by his brother who qualified for the machionday fi. >> this is more than my little brother cover hoped for. i help him because i'm able to advise him positively and tell him whether he needs and give him support. it is my ultimate goal to be world champion and to have my little brother beside me is amazing. i don't want to disappoint myself or my relatives. it will be a great moment and i'm looking forward to being in the final with him. >> good luck to them. we led it football where marseille got off to a great
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start. opening the scoring after two minutes and added two goals before 16 minutes had elapsed before a consolation late on. elsewhere, 60 million euro man was on target for his new club machine co-and -- monday co-and they won their liga opener. the champions p.s.g. were held to a 1-1 draw on friday. not a great start. we go to bundesliga where there was a hat trick. getting their campaign under way in style against augustberg. on the 23rd minute there was a well placed header and then a
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second goal. he left his former team this summer and scored his second just past the hour after a good play from the 24-year-old adding another goal later as he rounded the keeper. celebrating with the man he will be with up front. the poll going on to get a goal completing the rout 4-0. the first game of the bundesliga for him was on friday and got off to a winning start with a home victory. they took the lead after just 12 minutes and the french got it for 1-0. they then doubled the lead a few minutes later. the croatian was on hand to convert that one. he had tkpweufpb the visitors open with a goal before the
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penalty was missed and another chance as you saw there. this time the australian international put the game to bed. 3-1 was the final score. in england manchester united took the community shield against second tier wigan sunda. they kicked off the era as he scots man takes up the rapes from sir alex ferguson. we move to tennis. rafael nadal beat raofrpb 6-2, 6-2. a confidence boost for the spaniard ahead of the u.s. open that starts later it month. this is his first tournament since that shocking opening round loss at wimbledon and looking close to his best after that win over novak djokovic beating raonic in just over an hour. this is his eighth a.t.p. title of the year.
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he is third in a.t.p. rankings. in the women's event serena williams won 6-2, 6-0. for decades it was the athletes and sporting officials from the former g.d.r. who were accused of state sponsored doping but according it a new report west germany was taking part in similar levels of widespread doping. it was backed by the government according to reports. here is more. >> munich, 1972. west germany is hosting the olympic games. in order to compete against the communist g.d.r. the federal state is launching a large scale doping program. the scandal was revealed this week but comes as no surprise to a former junior 100-meter world champion. in the 1980's doping was common in her training center. >> when i arrived my coach told me he would show me why girls in the g.d.r. were so fast.
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i was 18. i thought he had an exceptional training method. once was there i realized he was talking about doping. claudia refused to start coaching and tried to inform the authorities but without great success. for good reason. >> according to the report partly published last week the government encouraged and funded doping up until reunion if i kicks. >> all my witnesses at the time involved in sports medicine explained to us that the politicians and ministry supported the practice of doping. >> but who were the athletes and politicians involved? this is still a mystery. part of the report remains censored and is up likely that the whole truth will be revealed. >> west germany didn't have intelligence services like those in the east who controlled and wrote everything down and doping was organized differently. to the west it started at the base in small groups and inevitably didn't lead much of a
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trace. >> claudia still hopes that the revelations will continue and that the athletes who doped will one day dare it admit it. >> we finish with basketball where trance were defeated in their preparation game for the euros against greece 76-67 the final score. the tournament starts in slovenia on september 4. tony parker and company warming up with this first defeat. a bit of a disappointment there. that is all the sports for now. thanks for watching but stay tuned for more news on "france 24". >> this year moscow's oldest department store marks the 125th
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anniversary. in the soviet area huge queues formed. it is the hub for the most deluxe brands now. given the situation where it is and has unique architecture and important historic value it is automatically tourist spot number two. in russia it becomes number one when the weather is bad. the gallery retains the spirit of the 1950's to attract more visitors. in number one the food store everything from staff outfits to interiors is reminisce september of the past. >> we are keeping the soviet traditions. for example, here you can buy a traditional soviet beverage. but we also have others.
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>> overlooking the red scare the fa said is nearly 250 meters long. a revolutionary construction for its time it was built in 1893 by a russian architect. in the 1930's stalin outlawed commerce and made them living quarters for low ranking officials. just 50 days after his death it was reopened as the ussr's number one department store. >> it reflected all major events in russian history. starting with the technical progress of the late 19th century, world war i, revolution, the great terror of the 1930's. nowadays it hosts 400 boutiques, cafes and the cinema. 15 million people visit every year and building on its eve eventful past the management is confident of increasing that number in the future.
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hello and welcome to "newsline." it's monday, august 12th. i'm catherine kobayashi. more than 30 people were killed. at least 13 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in an air raid on friday in the northern city of racka, where rebels are mostly in control. an intense bate

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